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At Insiteful, we were finding the existing tools for mapping processes too clunky and confining to be effective. So, we created our own tool to map our internal processes and product development.

Thus was born FlowPro, a simple drag-and-drop interface to quickly and intuitively build workflow diagrams and process flows. We designed the interface to work the same way you think: from point A to point B/C/Z.

FlowPro is a web application to map processes, ranging from customer experience flows to marketing campaigns.

Having enjoyed FlowPro internally, it only made sense to share it with the world! To get started, just click "try now" on our homepage and start mapping immediately.

We're really excited to share this nifty app with you! That said, we ask that you remember, this is an alpha, not the finished product. As such, we also encourage & welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions — please feel free to share your thoughts!